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SMM 2018

Despite the continuing crisis there was considerable interest in our products at this year’s world leading shipbuilding trade exhibition. At the SMM 2018 in Hamburg we presented three new products.


First, a new touch screen control panel has been developed for the latest searchlight generation as well as for the Pacific window wiper series. This allows both systems to be operated simultaneously. Of course, the operating panel complies with the current regulations of vessel’s bridge communication. (availability: end of 1st quarter 2019)


The second new product is a specialized searchlight which has the capability to detect oil slicks. Pesch Marinescheinwerfer, previously known only for double-head searchlights with XBO illuminant and UV filter, have now combined all technologies in one LED searchlight. Here we focus on highly efficient UV-LEDs combined with high power LED light source for white light, thus a perfect combination for durability and energy-efficiency. (availability: beginning of 2019)


The third presentation is also our HIGHLIGHT, the X-Light - a new electrically adjustable searchlight in slim new design. A symbiosis of well-known mechanical stability and modern LED technology. Particularly significant is the adjustment of the opening angle from 4° up to 12°. Therefore, this is the first time that a LED searchlight has a combination for usage as searchlight and working light. (availability: end of 1st quarter 2019)


Furthermore, we are strong partners to be relied on for implementation of maritime projects involving special requirements. Each project can be customized by Pesch Marinescheinwerfer. Our in-house production is a major advantage in order to carry out your specific needs.


Once again, Pesch Marinescheinwerfer has presented itself as innovative and reliable partner in the shipbuilding industry. In the future, we look forward to successfully supporting your projects.




Blue Port 2017

Port of Hambourg
Top of HTC
Top of HTC
panorama Hambourg
Top of HTC
HTC with Elbphilharmonie

From the 1st to the 10th of September, the famous Blue Port took place in the port of Hamburg. The most beautiful sights around the harbor are shining every evening in the mystic blue light.

This year Blueport was launched 1st Sep. in the buildings of the Hanseatic Trade Center by Michael Batz. The building with its 105 meters is one of the highest sights and rises above the port of Hamburg.

All the more proud of the fact that the top of the building has been covered in blue light by three SEEMATZ LED searchlights and shows that Pesch Marineschewerfer is the perfect partner for special applications, not just for shipping. The searchlight were designed and developed especially for this event. The top models of the new LED series, which is available at the end of September, provided the basis for a unique lighting experience.



  • fulfill RMRS requirements

  • -50°C certificate

  • -60°C testing

 LED searchlight

Newest Searchlight Generation

  • new power classes

  • up to 100% more power

  • proven robust quality

  • proven plug-in system

MLS Series

  • 50W, 100W, 150W, 200W

  • high power led's

  • up to 150lm/W

  • different light colours

  •  45° (other illuminations on request)

  • simple connection

  • angel setting

  • robust design

  • IP 65 (other protection class on request)

  • active temperature management

  • compact design

  • 5kg


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