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Daylight signalling light/ Mini-/ Suez Canal-/ Special-



The Searchlights of Pesch Marinescheinwerfer includes the SUEZ searchlight, daylight signalling light, and the MINI. If special features are required, all searchlight types can be customized to your specification. Many custom-made products have already matured into serial products. All searchlights are manufactured in the usual sea water resistant quality.

Daylight signalling light

  • housing made of seawater resistant aluminium

  • 50W or 100W

  • 12VDC or 24VDC

  • sight equipment integrated

  • built according to SOLAS regulations

  • avaible accessoires:

    • carrying case

    • battery charging device 12V-7Ah

    • battery charging device 24V-7Ah

    • glass panel red

    • glass panel green

TGS 24V-50W

TGS 24V-100W


  • housing made of seawater resistant aluminium

  • various versions

    • 100W / 12VDC

    • 200W / 24VDC

    • 300W / 230VAC

    • 450W / 24VDC

  • quick changing of illumination unit

  • hand-held searchlight or with manual steering

  • IP 44

technical data Mini


Lloyds certificate


Lloyds certificate


technical data Suez-searchlight


special searchlight

  • Searchlights installed hanging from ship’s bridge

  • expanded swiveling range

  • two-headed searchlights with UV screen

  • IR-searchlight

  • searchlight with angular degree indicator

  • searchlight with automatic swivel

  • wireless-control searchlight

  • special solutions possible on request

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