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Searchlights from Pesch Marinescheinwerfer include the latest technology to ensure long-term use on your ship. The use of high-power LED lamps allows you a modern and efficient searchlight system. For high requirements, you can rely on decades of experience with xenon lamps in our company. The popular halogen lights round off the broad portfolio. To control the searchlight you can choose the manual steering device or an electromotive remote control. The searchlight can be adapted to almost all requirements. All products are suitable for rough seawater use.

Technical data

  •       housing made of seawater resistant aluminium 

  • Leuchtmittel: HMI, HBO, Halogen, Xenon, LED

  • choice of manual or remote- controlled steering

  • 24VDC, 110VAC, 230VAC, 400VAC

  • standard diameter: 273mm, 351mm, 463mm, 525mm

  • protection class: IP 56

  • many options on request


There is a wide spectrum of illuminants in order to meet the special requirements at sea. Hereby, you can choose between Halogen, Xenon and LED. In addition, special lamps such as Halogen metal halide vapor lamps and Mercury high pressure lamps are available.


  • power class: 150W-6000W

  • color temperature 6000K

  • high luminance

  • range up to 30000m according to IES

  • no warm-up phase

  • no compass interferences of 1,5m






  • high power - LEDs

  • narrow (3°) - and wide beam ( 11°)

  • high efficency

  • up to 50.000 hours of service life

  • color temperature 6200K

  • no warm-up phase

  • range up to 6200m according to IES (0,25lx)




  • standard illuminants

  • color temperature 3200K

  • power class: 150W-3000W

  • no warm-up phase

  • no compass interferences as of 0,5m

Halogen 273


Halogen 351


Halogen 463


Halogen 525


Special illuminant

  • High pressure mercury lamps (HBO)

    • excellent performance for ice navigation

    • warm-up time approx. 1min.

  • Halogen metal halide vapor (HMI)

    • due to large opening angle suitable as working lamp

    • warm-up time approx. 1min.

Electrical controlled


The electromotive remote control of Seematz is designed for robust seawater conditions and fulfills the IP56 protection class. A control panel is used to operate the remote control. This can be extended up to 4 panels, but also integration into the bridge control system is no problem. The searchlight with its electromotive remote control has a swivel range of + 165° horizontal and + 30° vertical. Numerous special functions are available upon request. Please download the technical data for details pertaining to the scope of functions for each respective control unit.

Technical data

  • seawater resistant aluminium

  • robust design

  • protection class: IP 56

  • up to 4 control panels

  • MODBUS operation available

  • Svivel range: hor. +165°;ver. +30°

  • Individual heights of control housing

  • Depending on the choice of the illuminant, an increased range of functions is possible

  • many options on request


electrical steering

technical data electrical steering

Manual controlled searchlight

The Seematz manual controlled searchlight is the easiest way to bring light to the right place. In this case, it is possible to choose between an adjustment device located in wheelhouse or a setting directly on the searchlight. All components are made of seawater resistant aluminium. An individual height can be manufactured for both variants.

Technical data

  • seawater resistant aluminium

  • robust mechanical design

  • maintenance freindly

  • two control systems:

    • WS, WH ->control from inside the wheelhouse

    • DS, DH->control directly at the searchlight

  • wide swiveling range

  • any illuminant can be used

Informationen manual steering

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